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Attention Deficit / Hyperactive Disorder

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 The A.D.D. Treatment Centers intend to educate our communities as to the impact ADD can have on the world, on families and most importantly those individuals afflicted.

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Our commitment to our community

Comprehensive non/reduced-drug program

Highest qualified specialists in the field

The successful results of treatment

Related Disorders Treated At Our Centers


The ADD Treatment Centers are committed to helping individuals and families with Attention Deficit Disorder. With over twenty years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of ADD, and related disorders, we are committed to delivering the most current and effective treatment programs. Our non-drug and reduced drug programs continue to improve the lives of the individuals and families who are dealing with these disorders. By supplementing traditional practices with safe and effective Neurofeedback training, the Centers helps individuals develop the skills and mental capacity necessary to be successful in today's society. 

Attention Deficit Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive

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