The Successful Results of Treatment

Previous and current studies on the treatment of ADD/ADHD with Neurofeedback are promising for those individuals demonstrating certain Quantitative EEG and behavioral characteristics. The disorders of ADD/ADHD are complex and have a wide range of symptoms, etiologies, and therapeutic interventions. Neurofeedback offers patients as psycho-physiological treatment, which when combined with other non-pharmaceutical traditional therapies can produce impressive and significant long-term improvement for many patients. To date, this treatment has been effectively applied to over four thousand children, adolescents, and adults by approximately four hundred fifty health care organizations across the United States. Preliminary reports from additional studies currently underway continue to support the efficacy of this type of treatment.

What Symptoms Can Be Improved With Neurofeedback?

  • Attention, focus and concentration

  • Task completion and organizational skills

  • Impulsiveness

  • Mild and moderate hyperactivity

What Are The Results of Treatment?

  • Improved behavior and learning

  • Improved in school grades

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Better job performance

  • Greater realization of innate potential

  • Higher intelligence test scores

  • Improved rating scales scores

  • Improved relationships with parents, teachers, spouses and peers

  • Neurofeedback correctly applied produces no known adverse side effects

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